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We are Horse Owners!

Moving from Southern California where you don’t see beautiful big barns and farm animals everyday…We are so excited to be Horse Owners! Jade is our sweet black 12 year old mare who we absolutely adore! This is the day we took her in and have loved on her ever since. We have since moved her to what I call the “Horse Spa” and she has gotten a complete make-over. Hoof pedicure, teeth floating, lots of grooming, training and most importantly love!

The day before we became Horse Owners we were having fun with some friends Horses. This is my 3 year old hanging on for his life on their sweet Lizzie who is a 20 year old mare. The horse was just standing there and It cracked me up how he was laying on her. He did decide to sit up and now loves riding Jade.

Living in this area is absolutely wonderful to be able to partake and interact with things you just don’t get to see and do in the big cities!

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