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Feed The Hungry 2009 Forsyth County, GA

Our family partnered with the local churches (including our own “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints”) and the Girl Scout’s to collect food for the 2009 Feed the Hungry Campaign. Many Girl Scout troops went door to door collecting food here in Forsyth county Georgia and we decided to help out in our neighborhood.

Our family service project consisted of attaching flyer’s to bags and distributing them through our neighborhood of 68 homes. We split up our family into two teams and went door to explaining what we doing to help our community. If our neighbors wanted to help out we explained to put non perishable food items in the bag and put it on their door step for pick up on Wednesday.

Last Wednesday we walked the neighborhood collecting the food. Well actually the girls used their scooters. They quickly learned they couldn’t ride their scooters and hold the bags of food.

My kids were having a great time collecting the food and the best part is that we were really helping out our community.

I drove in the van for them to set the food in the trunk.

At first we were worried that not a lot of people decided to participate or had forgotten about the Food Drive….however, we were wrong!

Door after door they went finding bags.

As you can see below we had a very generous neighborhood that donated! We had some of our neighbors that forgot to put out their bags bring them over to us the next day.

This morning we are going to take the food to “The Place” in Cumming, GA to the food pantry. I know this food will be a great blessing to those people in need during these hard economic times. I also know that the people who donated food all across the county will be blessed for being so generous.

If you are experiencing difficulty and live in or near Forsyth county Georgia please contact The Place to see if they can lend a helping hand. Or, if you would like to make a donation of your own please contact:

The Place of Forsyth 2550 The Place Circle Cumming, GA 30040
Phone: (770) 887-1098
Thrift Store: (678) 947-8825

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