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No Doubt Concert in Atlanta, GA June 5, 2009

The great thing about living in the countryside just outside of a big city is that we are close enough to still take part in the things the big city has to offer. On Friday my husband, 2 oldest girls and I were able to attend the No Doubt concert!

My friend Gabe McNair from High School is in the band. He at one point tried to even teach me to play the drums in High School…I don’t think I ever caught on that great. He is an amazing musician and plays just about any instrument. We met him after the show in the VIP room and he signed our T-shirts.

The Drummer Adrian was back stage as well and was kind enough for an autograph. I think my girls were a little intimidated by him…this guy is known for performing naked and showed a little skin during the concert! lol

Gabe with all of us. Gabe is a great Guy. I don’t think there was anyone who didn’t think he was just a great guy in High School. He was the Drum Major of the High School band and I can still remember him playing in the Band Room after school. It was just amazing to see him play in front of this huge crowd and realize how big and famous the band he plays in now!

Gabe and I realized that these 2 other teenage girls were born the year he graduated! Yes, we felt very old! We didn’t get to see Gwen after the show as she is saving her voice for the intense tour…she also was attending to her 2 babies. We still had fun catching up with Gabe and hearing his story to stardom.
The concert itself was a blast! It was such a great show! I didn’t expect to enjoy the show as much as I did. I was dancing and jumping up and down like a teenage girl! Gwen is amazing performer as well. I didn’t have a camera with me but, I borrowed one and these are a viedo I recorded.


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