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Movie Set: "The Last Song" Staring Miley Cyrus

On our vacation we found out that Miley Cyrus was filming a movie on Tybee Island. It just happened to be a few blocks away from us.

We never ran into Miley but, she was right under our noses several times. This is the house that the movie is being filmed at.

We walked the beach one night and stumbled upon several weddings that were almost canceled due to the movie. The movie crew was nice enough to stop filming for these couples to get married on the beach. So, we were able to walk right through the streets that had been blocked off on our way back to our condo.

One of the Security Guards was kind enough to chat with us about what was going on and he offered up some bug spray for us.

Here is where they filmed out on the beach. My daughter and I were just beyond this the night Miley was filming her kissing scene. We couldn’t see anything but, people gathered around and we were about run over by the movie crew when they wrapped that night.

This is the bridge leading from the beach to the street with all the trailers and movie set equipment. We are excited to see the Disney Movie “The Last Song” when it comes out next year. It made our vacation fun with the kids as we kept our eye out for a famous celebrity. In fact my daughter is pretty sure she saw her on the pier but, I didn’t believe her. When I went back the crew of girls she was with was gone. Turns out that it was a good possibility it was her! It gave us a fun memory for our vacation!


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  1. Not only did it make your trip fun, but it will make watching the movie more fun, too. 🙂

  2. pretty fun to see Miley Cyrus.-Katie


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