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Watermelon Recycling!

Jade our Horse is a big PIG! Can you see how fat she is in the tummy?!!! She looks like she is a watermelon! My oldest daughter will have to walk out so far to catch Jade that she will just hop up on her and ride her out of the pasture to the barn and sometimes that means riding a dirty muddy fat horse. She doesn’t care though because she adores this big animal…it makes me so happy to see her just hop up on her and ride around…I so wanted that experience when I was a little girl!

The last few weeks Jade has been on a luscious green pasture and has been in horse heaven with ample green to eat! The nice thing about a horse who likes to eat is that she keeps weight on easy and makes for what they call an “easy keeper” because you don’t have to spend extra money on feed.

Many of the Horses in the pasture are picky eaters…Not Jade! We save our Watermelon Rhine’s (The green part you don’t eat) for her and she devourers them! The other horses will take small pieces…not Jade she likes the ends of the watermelon and will pull the whole thing out of your hand and tear into it! Not like she needs the extra food but, we know she thinks they are special treats and we are entertained watching her eat it!

It is actually kind of gross to be around her while she eats as the juice from the watermelon lathers up around her face and she has green goo dripping from her mouth! Then she wipes her face on your shirt trying to get more watermelon from you…You can tell that she absolutely loves the watermelon! lol

I had the bag of watermelon and can you see who were my very best friends and followed me everywhere I went! Jade is the smaller of the 2 Horses but, her pasture mate Julee got in on the watermelon action too! Anyone in the area with watermelon rhine’s….Jade would love it if you bring them for her to Recycle!


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