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Decorative Bulletin Boards

Back in April of 2008 I made this post on my blog. I thought I would share and join in the fun at 320 Sycamore’s Week of Gifts! This board has lived through the last year and half…I’ve even added more clips and pictures. With the Holiday’s coming near go check out 320 Sycamore’s Week of Gifts. She has some great ideas of things we can all give at the Holiday’s that are inexpensive! Enjoy!

Yes, I was feeling a little crafty and I saw this adorable idea for a Bulliten Board on one of my favorite blogs the Nesting Place. Our bulliten board in the Kitchen needed some help as it was falling apart and all the pictures were falling all over the place. I decided to incorporate the idea and gave our Bulliten Board a make over. Now I just used what I had but, I think I might pick up some more clips and cute ribbon next time I’m out. This Bulliten Board houses all those pictures, invitations and annoucements that get sent to us in the mail that you want to keep around but, don’t know what to do with. So, know if any of you send us any of those things this where they will go and it hangs in our kitchen area. Our guests like to look it over and ask who all these wonderful people are and how they are related and it has become a conversion piece. Right now I just have pictures of the kids and old family pictures and I’m waiting for some new pictures of all of you so feel free to send any our way! Hint, Hint! Have fun creating your own great Bulliten Board of your own! P.S. I used an actual cork bulliten board that was very cheap from walmart…click here for the Nester’s Directions as she uses art canvas.


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  1. Hi Stacey! Such a cute board~thanks for linking up!


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