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Showing Property with a 5 year old Boy!

I had the opportunity to show this cute young couple property this week. They are getting married in a few months and looking for their first home. I love showing property to people like this as it is so exciting buying your first home! They were only available after 7:30pm on a week night. It just so happened that my oldest daughter had a previous commitment to help babysit for a friend and my husband was out of town! I didn’t want this young couple to miss out on someone else bidding on a great property so, I elected to leave a few kids and take a few kids with me…one being my 5 year old little boy!

We all arrive at the first house and the 5 year old has been threatened to stay in the car and watch the movie in the driveway as this house was iffy in its condition. About 2 minutes after my clients arrive guess who has to use the restroom? Yes, my 5 year old always has to check out the bathroom! This first house was not in good condition and the bathroom was rather scary to say the least. I asked my Son to go back to the car and we would leave in a minute. He scampers off only to come back a minute later and ask (right in front of the cute young couple, their Moms and Sister) “Mom can I use a tree?” I’m sure my face turned bright red and I was thinking “great what if they really want to buy this fixer upper and my kid just asked to pee in their yard?” However, before I could say anything the clients start laughing and say “good thing you are a boy!” I just laugh and tell my son to go find a tree where we can’t see him! Mind you we live in a very wooded area and this yard was full of trees!

So, now we were off to our 2nd and final house. It was about dark. A few minutes into the showing he walks in and says I need to pee again! We all laughed and of course this house was practically brand new so, he could use the bathroom! lol He at that point made friends with soon to be husband and they were throwing paper airplanes around in the house!

The cute young couple decided to write an offer on the 2nd house as it was a foreclosure in great condition! We are still awaiting banks approval for the young couple and everyone pray they get the house! There is a couple offers on the property and I really want these cute couple to get this house!


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  1. LOL!!! I LOVE this story!!! So happy that they made an offer on the house!! I hope everything works out!!

  2. Hilarious. Figures, huh? So glad the couple qualified. I hope many more get into homes they can afford and we get this recession turned around!


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