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Jade came over for a Saturday AM Snack!

My husband and I woke up and went running yesteday morning. On our way home we stopped at the barn (The barn is across the street to the enterance of our subdivision) to check on Jade. She was very dirty from being out in the mud with all this rain we’ve had so we decided to give her a little TLC. After we were done we decided the kids would like to see her and took Jade on a walk through our subdivision.

Jade got our last 2 apples and she loved them as always! This horse loves food! Talon the cat even took a ride on her back! All the kids took turns sitting on her.

We’ve done this before and we always get the neighbors who do double takes when they see a horse come down the street! Here is our youngest daughter so excited to see her horse. My camera battery was dying and these aren’t the best pictures.

We love our Jade and plan to have her over for more snacks soon! She is such a great horse. It doesn’t seem to bother her to come over either as the cars have driven right by her and she didn’t seem to care. All the neighbor kids run up to her and she just stands there sniffing them all for treats! She knows little ones bring food usually! lol


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  1. I love the close-up pic–it looks like it belongs in a magazine!


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