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Cutting down a Southern Christmas Tree!

We went to Bottoms Family Christmas tree farm in Cumming, GA about 5-10 minutes from our house…and they are off to find our perfect tree….what was I thinking sending all of them to decide on a tree!

These little ones wanted the biggest tree they could find!

This child pouting to get the one she wanted!

We took a vote out of 2 trees…this was the one that 4 out of 7 wanted and won! It was 8.5 feet tall Leyland Cyprus!

Everyone took a turn to use the saw! This guy realized that it was much harder then his big buff Daddy made it look! I kind of felt guilty for cutting down this magnificent tree!

By the way types of Christmas tree’s are completely different in the South then out West. I miss the Douglas Fir’s.

At least I had one person on my side who wanted one of these types of tree’s of Blue Ice…their Dad wanted the big one we got and though he said he voted for this one I know he was just playing the game knowing full well the other 4 would out vote us for the Big Giant Tree!

The workers of the farm came out and picked up our tree, took it back to the barn and then tied it up for us.

It was a very fun experience and a great new family tradition. The price of the tree was $6 a foot and I got a very pretty wreath to match for $20! I would say it was a good deal and the memories are priceless! Still haven’t decorated the tree yet and I will post a picture of this Giant Tree in our living room soon:)


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  1. What a fun tradition!! We always did this growing up…cutting down our own tree as a family!! But, first, we would all play hide-n-seek in the tree's with my Dad!!! Lot's of fun!!


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