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My Energy Profile – Dressing Your Truth

I’ve taken part of a such a wonderful transformation in myself by going through Carol Tuttle’s Dressing Your Truth course. It is unlike anything you’ve ever seen and truly identifies who you are and let’s you see your true nature. It teaches women how the fashion industry has done us all wrong and we don’t have to be trendy to be beautiful. This course will save me time and money when it comes to shopping for myself and my family in the future. Check out some before and after pictures on the website by clicking on the picture below or .

I will try to post some pictures of myself…I should have taken a good before picture. This program starts with learning your energy type (which is what I did first) and you can buy the book and program for that at or click on the picture below.

This Energy Profiling system is great for the whole family! Profile your husband, kids, friends, etc…you will be amazed at the understanding you will have in regards to the differences that might be causing contention in some relationships. I highly recommend checking it out and make sure you use my links so I get a small credit for sharing this awesome information!

I’m going to start blogging about some of the great things I’ve learned dressing my truth…repurposing your exsisting wardrobe and dyeing clothes to give new life. So stay tuned!


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