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Real Southern Living- Be Prepared for Hurricanes & Tropical Storms

***I recieved this warning from our local County Emergency Management. I thought I would share to all of us who live in the Southern part of the US.***

Emergency Management Agency
Be Prepared for Hurricane SeasonHurricanes, tropical storms can impact inland regions

With the 2010 hurricane season underway, the Forsyth County Fire Department and Emergency Management Agency (EMA) remind citizens to take steps toward preparedness. “Even though Forsyth County is not a coastal community, we are not immune from the effects of hurricanes,” Fire Chief and EMA Director Danny Bowman said. “When hurricanes move inland, they can cause flooding and spawn tornadoes and high winds. We encourage residents to be prepared for these types of incidents.”

The Atlantic hurricane season began June 1 and ends November 30, 2010. According to recent research from the Georgia Emergency Management Agency, 65 percent of Georgians have not thought about where to go or how to evacuate if a hurricane should impact the state. Another 70 percent do not have a NOAA Weather Radio to warn them of advancing threats. “Simple steps toward preparedness can make a difference in any emergency situation, including a hurricane,” Bowman said. “One thing that is highly recommended is to have a NOAA Weather Radio. This radio will prove very helpful in the event of a major storm or other disaster.” Citizens are also reminded of the county’s outdoor severe weather sirens, designed to alert citizens who are outdoors that severe weather is in the area. In the event Forsyth County is placed under a tornado warning, the sirens will be activated.

Tips from the Georgia Emergency Management Agency Prepare for hurricanes:
-Create an emergency supply kit and keep it in a waterproof container.
-Keep a portable emergency kit in your vehicle in case you need to evacuate.
-Be prepared to bring in all outdoor items not tied down. Secure windows with pre-cut plywood or hurricane shutters, and keep trees and shrubs well trimmed.
-Property insurance does not typically cover hurricane or flood damage. Talk to your insurance provider about your policy.

Plan for hurricanes:
-Plan your evacuation route.
-Identify several places you could go in an emergency, such as a friend’s house in another town or a hotel.
-Plan to stay indoors, away from all windows.

Stay informed about hurricanes:
-Listen to your NOAA Weather Radio, watch TV, listen to the radio or check the Internet often for official news and instructions as they become available.
-If you have evacuated, do not return to your home until authorities advise it is safe to return.


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