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Real Southern Living Grilled Potato Fries

This blog is starting to turn into a cooking blog! The great thing of cutting down the hours I spend with my Real Estate business for the Summer is being able to spend more time cooking for my family. This was a yummy favorite tonight that we will do again!

I thinly sliced potato’s (or you can wedge them like the picture) and then tossed them in an oil mixture that I made. I used olive oil, season salt, Italian seasoning and even a little garlic salt and mixed it up then coated the potato’s. Then I have to give credit to my husband who is the Master Griller at our house. My favorite Potato Fries were the ones he grilled on the upper shelf of our grill. He also put some wrapped in foil on the bottom down by the burgers but the ones directly on the grill were crispy and I liked them the best! Even the kids gobbled them up! So yummy and easy!

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  1. Try tossing the potatoes in dry ranch seasoning. YUMMY! I've never tried them on the grill. I will often roast them in the oven, but this would keep my kitchen much cooler.


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