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Real Southern Living – Under $10 in 1 hour Party

So this is a repeat post from early in the Summer but, these flower hair accesorries have been a hit! Everyone asks where I got my daughters clips from and it is wonderful to say I made them myself for about .50 cents a piece! They gasp as they spent $6-10 on one clip! Enjoy making flowers…what a great gift for stocking stuffers and birthday gifts too!

Okay, so we did get a little carried away with making flower clips and put them all over the little misses head but, these are so fun and easy to make! I made 20 clips in an hour or less! I decided half way through to take pictures for a tutorial so not the best but you will get the picture!

Find some silk flowers you don’t mind taking apart. I happened to find garland of flowers at Wal-Mart on clearance for .75 cents! Yippee! It made at least 10 flower clips!

Pull apart your flowers and lay the petals out. In this case above there was plastic I peeled the petals off of.

Seperate out your petals and you will glue the petals back together by layering them on top of each other.

I used acrylic gems for the center (you could use buttons) and Alligator Barrettes. The Alligator barrettes were hard to find and I got mine at Hobby Lobby along with my gems. I will be watching for these to go on sale because I paid full price of $3.99 a bag of each.

Hot glue the gem in the center after you glued the petals and then glue a clip to the back. It is “easy peasy” as they say in our home. How fun to clip in your hair or on a head band. I see these on babies heads all the time clipped to the elastic head bands.

In all I made 20 clips with my Wal-Mart Garland and old silk flowers I had in the craft closet left over from something else. It costs me under $10 and my daughter is in heaven…she already had one in her hair as we left swim practice this morning.

I will be watching for the gems and clips to go on sale so we can make more for gifts. Also will be looking at garage sales and clearance for silk flowers I can pull apart. These same clips sell for at least $5 each so .50 cents sounds better to me! Get creative and have fun!


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  1. Seems like a fun activity to do with kids! Thanks

  2. Hi Stacey! So glad you joined today. I love these clips~your kids are adorable. Hope you are doing well~thanks for partying with us!

  3. I've been looking for cute girly gifts for older birthday presents. My daughters will love making these! Thanks for sharing…now off to Walmart to find some cheap flowers! :)Susan Mathieson

  4. Those look great! I've been making them, too, and have started using decorative brads for the center. They never come apart and I don't have to use a hot glue gun (not so talented with them). SO easy to make these and I love how much I save! I love the gems on yours.

  5. That is so clever! I easily spend $6 dollars on a bow or clip- this is so much more economical!Thank you so much for stopping by my blog- how did you find it? It's great to find another blogger who is doing Dressing your Truth- I'm just starting it so it helps to know those farther along are really getting something from it!Was going to follow your blog- but dont see a way to- if I'm missing it let me know and I'll happily follow you:)

  6. Just found you and sooo happy I did… I feel a stocking stuffer coming on! 😉 Thanks for sharing!hugs,Leslie

  7. How great to find another flower junkie! 🙂 I started making flowers like that for my girls before I found out about Dressing Your Truth, and because most of their flowers were Type 1 (and they are type 2 and 3), I decided I had to learn how to make fabric ones. Now they have tons of them in the correct types. They are very addicting!


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