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New Year Office Makeover

Here was the goal!
Closet Party
I’m joining up for Beneath My Heart Closet Makeover party…scroll down to see my pretty organized closet in my office.
get rid of party
And The Words of Wendhurst getting rid of stuff party!
Please tell me some of you have office issues like this or maybe a junk room where everything gets thrown…my junk room unfortunately is my office. I just can’t work in this clutter so my mission is to get back my office!
Look at those poor little dogs…can you even find them…it is like where’s Waldo?…even their home is being taken over!
The piles of stuff…where does it come from? It drives me nuts. My goal is to get it under control!
And thanks to my husband for organizing said piles of stuff but this stuff needs to find a better home and most of it needs not be in this home!
So here is the first attempt of what is going to be a several week project. The closet was first up.
IMG_1105 IMG_1106
Paper, crafting supplies, sewing supplies, etc neatly tucked away. There is a plastic box or bin for everything stamps, yarn, sewing notions, fabric scraps, school supplies, vinyl cutter supplies, gift cards and I left a space on the top shelf for my sewing machine. A few of those cute fabric bins are still empty so I have room to add things. 8.5×11 paper is lined up in the clear drawers and 12×12 paper in the black holders right on top of the shelf next to it. My husband bought majority of the cute colored bins (and probably spent a good bit of money, not the deal seeking kind of guy) and I love him for helping me organize this mess!
Unfortunately still have piles on the ground (a lot has been given away or thrown in the trash) but we’ve made huge progress! The dog kennel has made its way out of the office mess and the dogs have a new not cluttered home….more to come on office organizing soon!

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  1. Oh, the piles! I'm a "Piler" too and I tend to think it looks better in a pile than all over the place, but then I can't get to what I need to! I really like what you've done in there, so far! Our office is probably our hardest place to keep organized….looks great!Becky B.www.organizingmadefun.blogspot.comOrganizing Made Fun

  2. The closet looks great! I love the colored bins that you used. Thanks for linking up! 🙂

  3. looks organized and beautiful!

  4. I love the bins you used. Looks great.

  5. So pretty!! I love how it's so bright and cheery! What a sweet man you have to help you get organized. 🙂


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