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Real Southern Living – 10 day Snow Vacation

So not really a vacation but, we did have another 10 day break from school when school was canceled due to our snow storm.  The temperatures have not been above 32 so nothing melted.  Did I mention not only did we have 6+ inches of snow we also had a sheet of ice cover everything making our roads a mess…especially when we don’t have snow plows!  Here are some pictures I got of my kids all bundled up in the snow!

Cailey 1 (2)Mary-Kate 1    

Kelsey 1 (2)Carter 1 (2)

Kai 1 (2)Scott and Kai

I can’t forget about my Equine Friends/Kids though either!

Chip 1 month old Jade 1











Carter 2 (2)


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  1. Beautiful, beautiful pics. You have such a great talent!


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