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Spring Babies!

Welcome Fresh from the Farm! I’m linking up to Farm Chick’s Photo Friday! So much fun stuff going on at the barn this Spring and what a great way to share photo’s! This is Pepper the rescued abandon baby goat who has become good friends with Champ our new baby pony!

Champ 004

Do you see Champ’s lightening bolt on the top of his hindquarters! He is so stinking cute it hard to not just want to sit and watch him all day.

Champ 002

Sleeping after much playing he has done. For only being 3 days old he is very strong running, bucking and kicking…I haven’t seen him fall over once!

Champ 003Champ 006

I’ve let Mommy Cocoa and Champ out to run a few times on the grass and they love it…Champ is a speed demon already!

Pepper 001

I hope you are all having a “jumping good” Spring!

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog and you are right about the little ones in the spring.

  2. Spring babies are so much fun!


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