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Easter 2011


The kids did really well this year and waited awhile before insisting on going to check out their baskets. Easter tradition in this house is for the Easter Bunny to come leave gifts of Summer time in their baskets. Bathing suits, flip flops and goggles…the Easter Bunny always helps gear us up for Swim Team!  My 7 year old Son ate all his candy within 10 minutes…was a wonderful Easter Breakfast!


The night before we dyed our Easter Eggs and surprisingly every wanted to eat them right away! I guess we need to have hard boiled eggs more often!


I went to feed the ponies Easter Morning and our sweet baby Champ spread out the hay and laid down in the middle while everyone ate around him! He is such a sweet boy and he loves his naps in the sun! I love in the close up how his mouth is open and he is totally relaxed laying under everyone!


Finally at 7pm after going to church and having our Easter Dinner we decided to get on with Egg Hunt. It was perfect weather with the sun just starting to set…again I think that boy ate all his candy within 10 minutes! Hope Everyone had a wonderful Easter.


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