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Best Buddies


Happy Friday everyone! These 2 beauties have become best friends…which makes me happySmile

Horses are much like school children learning to all get along. Rio is the Chestnut Quarter/Morgan Cross Gelding on the left and Jade is a black Quarter Horse Mare on the right. Jade has had a hard time adjusting to being back in the big heard out back. She misses her pony friends after spending the winter watching over the new Mommy’s. Once Champ was born it was time for her to move back with her big friends. She refused to join the heard and hung on the fence line in between the pastures. She was always the “black sheep” in the opposite corner of where the heard was. Jade is not mean to the other horses but, she and the head Gelding just don’t like each other. We joked because he is black too that there just wasn’t room in the pasture for 2 black horses! lol Much like a girl and boy in school who drive each other crazy! She seemed to be fine being a lone horse by herself. Then Rio came along and is a big sweet old guy. He was use to being bossed around by a hot headed Arabian Mare and is very submissive, almost too much. He didn’t mingle well with the heard either and was scared silly of a small little gelding pony “the little bully” that chases him. So, guess who he had no problem joining…yep Jade! They’ve made their own “black sheep” partnership and stick together! I’ve never seen them even get in a tiff…they take naps in the sun together, eat together and stand by each others side. I’m just glad they get along so well since they are both ours!

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  1. It's funny how horses tend to herd up and to divide into smaller herds within the main herd, even our seven horses will team up, so that everyone has at least one buddy to hang with. It's usually our gelding that decides who is going to hang with Edge (our most timid horse) for the day. I found your site through Farm Chick's blog hope. And am now your newest follower. Looking forward to getting to you better. And reading more about your place.


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