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LDS Atlanta Temple Cultural Celebration


The theme of our Temple Cultural Celebration was "Southern Lights." Our LDS Atlanta Temple has been closed for remodel for 2 years. The lights are back on and the Temple has been rededicated. In honor of this special event 2500 youth from the area came together to celebrate the many cultures we have in the area.

Sugar Hill Stake–STOMP

Over the last 8 weeks I’ve had the opportunity of learning and then teaching 12-18 year old boys a dance to perform for the Temple Cultural Celebration.  LDS President Thomas S. Monson was in attendance and spoke to the youth before the program started. It was a difficult dance and most of these 150 boys had never danced nor done anything like this! How fun and wonderful experience to see them not only perform but, do it so well they got the only standing ovation from the crowd out of about 20 dance numbers for the night!  To see their faces when they returned to the holding area after the performance was priceless. I get chills every time I watch it! So proud of my STOMP Boys, you rock!

These were the boys from the Coal Mountain Ward that I personally helped teach.  The kids who did all the flips is just to the right of the tall kid in the red hat!

Coal Mtn Boys

Sugar Hill Stake on the Left/Chattanooga TN Stake on the right–Salsa

My oldest daughter was able to participate in one of the girls dance numbers doing a dance titled Salsa.  I helped oversee the girls as well but, didn’t teach them their dance because I was working with the boys.  Half of the stage is another area of girls from Tennessee.  Unfortunately they never got to practice together and a few days before Tennessee was hit with a huge Tornado.  Our Sugar Hill girls knocked it out of the park with their performance and worked so hard at practicing…you will  notice the difference but we are so glad that are Tennessee friends were able to come partake in this wonderful experience with us.

coal mtn girls

This was my group of the Coal Mountain Ward Salsa Girls!  I was so proud of all the kids and the 2 very long days we endured of dress rehearsals and performance!

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