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Hutch Make Over


I finally just decided one day I was going to finally re-do this piece of oak furniture that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time! I’m not sure why it has taken me so long…I guess I needed a burst of motivation!

The glass was being held in by packaging tape and over all this Hutch needed a major update.

I bought a quart of the color New Black paint in Satin Finish from Lowes and came home to start unscrewing all the hardware. After pealing off all the tape on the doors I had my husband bust out the glass. I was going to paint the hardware but after cleaning it with a metal cleaner I decided I liked it the way it was.



I LOVE it! I wonder why I took so long to do this project?!!! I sanded and distressed it slightly after giving it a good coat of paint. I replaced the glass with Chicken Wire that I spray painted and after painting the cabinet I rubbed it with a Minwax finish. What a huge difference it makes…now to just decide on the arrangement of displaying my dishes?!!!

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  1. That looks AMAZING, Stacey!!! Yes, I need some motivation too. I want to re-do our kitchen table.


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