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The Lavender Room

I woke up one morning and walked into this room and decided that it was the day to re-do this room…it was a total whim! My 7 year old daughter “C” and I had been talking about it but, hadn’t come to any major plans or day to do it. She wanted a purple room and we settled on a Lavender paint chip. I made a trip to Home Depot for a can of Lavender paint and found a deal of the Century finding an Oops gallon for $5! What were the odds of that and started just taking one step at a time letting things manifest themselves to us! The rest of this room was made over by finding things around the house and didn’t have to buy much…this was a use what we already had room!


My Type 2 Daughter “C” already had nice white furniture and we gave it a good cleaning but she wanted a purple room with white polka-dots! I honestly wasn’t a fan of what she wanted but after finding the oops paint it started coming together nicely and I realized it was the perfect combination for allowing her to have a room more true to her nature. We already had the lavender and sage green quilts from my older daughters room in our old house that I dug out of the linen closet…for some reason I held onto them and I’m so glad that I did because that saved us some money!


The only thing I bought for this room besides paint was the white polka-dot curtains from Wal-Mart (which I was so thrilled to find because I was trying to figure out how to bring in the polka-dots!), the letter C from Hobby Lobby and ribbon for our window display. Oh and we did find that cute white box on clearance for her little treasures. Thank you Grandpa for the collection of Squinkies…when Grandpa collects something he goes big! Let’s just say I’m not a fan of tiny plastic toys! But at least the lavender display goes well in our room! I had the white metal garden scroll that we tacked up on the wall by her closet and then onto her display wall…


I hung lavender and white polka-dot ribbon across the old window I already had laying in the garage. I used some drapery hooks on the ribbon to hold pictures and her swim meet ribbons. We already had put hooks at the bottom of the window and it was perfect to hang up her purses and scarves on. I also had a couple of frames that I hung next to the window…I did finally print out some pictures of my sweet “C” and her Ponies for her that she loved. She also hung up her hair clips on a ribbon.


We’ve left the mirror, that I had painted, setting on the ground leaning against the wall like a wardrobe mirror since she loves to change her clothes so much! Now trying to get her to keep this cute room clean has been another story…I make a daily check of it! The threat of having to move and share a room with one of her older Sister’s or her twin Brother seems to be the motivating factor to get it back in line quickly! lol Room Total was approximately $40 and was definitely worth it!

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  1. Thanks for linking up to Share the Wealth Wednesday. The room turned out beautiful. Great job!

  2. Stacey, I'm so in love with this room!! It's gorgeous (and my favorite color is purple).


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