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Barn work and fun too!

Champ Running June 2011

It has been warm and I’ve not been out to the barn as much as I should be. One morning a few weeks back I gave Champ a bath. He was covered in green goo from the horses slobbering all over him. The thistles make the horses drool and Champ must have been standing underneath Rio and was literally covered in green goo! He took off running while still wet and I just happened to have my camera with me! He has grown since this pic and is 3 months old now!


Here is old buddy Rio!

Goal for this week is to get the kids to go ride before it gets hot…they’ve all been a little spoiled and haven’t had to work much…the kids and horses! So back to work they all will go this week!

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  1. Hi Stacey! Your horses are beautiful!! I'm in GA, too, but am even more southern than you :).Jeanine


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