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Dressing My Truth Journey

I came upon Energy Profiling back in November of 2009 when I started reading “It’s Just My Nature” by Carol Tuttle.


Definition of Energy Profiling direct from My Energy Profile Website:

Energy Profiling® is a unique profiling system that not only assesses personality traits, but also your behavior, thought and feeling processes, body language and physical characteristics to reveal the true you.

Energy Profiling® is based on the scientific principle that the four elements of our DNA create our human nature and our natural expressions. The Four Types come from the four elements that we are each created from: nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon. Carol has discovered that each of these elements expresses a unique and candid movement that is also expressed in all of nature and all of human nature. We have all four elements in us; so we naturally have all four expressions in us–yet we all lead with a dominant expression of one of the four elements that is represented by each Type.

The beauty of Energy Profiling® is that it does not just look at a person’s personality, it also includes behavior tendencies, thought and feeling processes, body language, and physical features. It is a simple system taught in a concise way that is easy to learn and apply.

I had realized that I always struggled with being comfortable with myself by always trying to please others or be who or what others wanted me to be. I had an experience that year that had left me questioning myself and reflecting on not letting other people validate who I was. I had heard “you are to this or that” or “you are too serious” or “you need to be more this” or other comments that made me feel inadequate because I was different than some of these people. I was a good person who always wanted to help others and for others to feel comfortable around me. Yet, I didn’t always feel comfortable around other people or that they were appreciative of me being myself and sometimes I would hide my feelings for fear of what others would say or think about me…but then again who was I?

I was addressed as 1 of my 5 children’s Mom, my husband’s wife, someone’s Daughter, Granddaughter or Sister. Though not a bad thing, I realized I had a name too and have unique qualities who made me more than just a label. I realized that some of my unique qualities were not a negative but actually a positive! Being a young Mom to lots of little children I had also felt like I was on a mission to understanding who I was and to be more comfortable in my own skin. In years past I would have subconsciously thought that meant that I needed to change myself…NOT anymore! I learned I just needed to be me and learn to love and accept myself…though I always knew that it was a lot easier said then done.

It took several months after reading the book to figure out what element I fell under that I lead with. I was so mixed in thought of who I was because I definitely was not being true to myself by listening to others define me. I did determine by thinking back to my childhood, looking at my facial features and reading the book that I identified with a Type 2 Nature. The sense of inner peace I felt as I identified with others who had the same natural tendencies as I did. I could finally realize those things that made me different as positives and yet their were other Type 2’s out there that understood what it was like to be a Type 2!

Oxygen, Type 2: The soft and calming person who has a gift for gathering details and making plans. The natural movement of Type 2 is fluid and flowing. This can be seen in a Type 2 person’s personality and also in their body language and physical features.

Next step I came upon was “Dressing Your Truth!” I currently was working in a Women’s Clothing store and of course always have loved clothes, shoes and accessories but trying to pick out what looked good on me was always a challenge. Again I would resort to others opinions not on what I liked. I would end up buying things that I wouldn’t wear or did wear but didn’t feel comfortable. Same thing with my hair style…I would leave it up to my stylist giving up my power because I didn’t know what I wanted. I didn’t know how to sync my inner and outer beauty before DYT.


Not only do I feel great I think everything I learned with Dressing Your Truth has paid off in the way I look too! I’ve aligned my inner and outer beauty. Shopping and getting dressed in the morning is a breeze and I’m amazed at how quickly I can pick out things that are right for me. I don’t waste money on things I will never wear or don’t feel comfortable in. The program is an inner and outer make-over. It is worth more than I could have ever imagined! I now am helping my family, including young children, to be true to their nature and dress their truths! It has been an amazing family transformation that has brought much peace and happiness in all of our lives!

If you’ve ever felt defeated in a dressing room, faced a closet full of clothes but still felt you had nothing to wear, or thought you had to be skinny to be beautiful, Dressing Your Truth will be a much-appreciated reality check that will help you discover and celebrate your own, unique beauty! ~ Carol Tuttle

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  1. Wow, Stacey, I couldn't have said it better myself!!

  2. Stacy,I could feel/sense your 'coming together' as I read your post. Kudos on being 'home' in your skin. You are so correct,it can be a daunting endeavor and many people struggle with this personal aspect all their lives.Danielle

  3. Thanks! I wrote this over a year ago and it is amazing how much my DYT journey still continues and things I learn about myself every day.


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