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Deciding On New Paint Color?

Here are the 2 paint colors I was deciding on for the family room both are Home Depot Behr colors.


Left-Rhino and Right -Rocky Mountain Sky

Rhino came about because I stopped by the Restoration Hardware Store to get a paint chip sample of their Silver Sage. It is a very popular color and I was told they are discontinuing it {GASP!}. What! Why do the discontinue good paint colors? She found me an old paint chip sample. {sigh of relief}

I took the sample over to Home Depot and color matched it with their machine. It came out with it equating to Behr’s Rhino. So for all of you wanting a paint chip sample now you know. They are about as close to an identical match on the paint chips that you can get.

silver sage vs rhino

I really wanted a little more of a blue/gray tinge and Rhino was more green/gray. I went over one card and found the Rocky Mountain Sky.

*Side note that all these colors look darker in person than the picture*

rocky mountain sky

Brought the 2 colors home and definitely love both! However I have red, gold and dark brown in which I think the Rocky Mountain Sky will give us the blue/gray I was looking for.

We are off to the State Championships for swimming but next week the family room and kitchen has an appointment with the painter! The little things like paint colors that are so exciting!

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  1. I've been thinking of painting my dining room a light gray or a light yellow. Not sure which yet.


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