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I’m prepping for the family room/kitchen being painted tomorrow {squeal} and thought I would give everyone some quick before pictures. I colored matched the color off of a pillow case so no name for the gold/tan but, it just is too much gold and browns going on. We have put in new carpet and hardwoods since painting this color and I’m excited for the wall transformation!

IMG_5972IMG_5973 IMG_5974IMG_5976IMG_5979

Here is a sneak peek of the Rocky Mountain Sky by Behr using the Ultra Premium Eggshell.


I did a post on using Tabaco Road by Duron and which I used in my Living Room, Halls and Staircases back in 2008-2009. It is a great color to go with just about anything and I still highly recommend it. You can find the formula here because it was another one of those great paint colors that was discontinued like Silver Sage. Also the Plantation Beige formula is there which is just slightly lighter but very similar and wonderful color I’ve used in my office, boys bedrooms and rental house.


Another color I love is Latte by Sherwin Williams which I’ve used in my bedroom and bathroom. The bottom picture with the clock was the most accurate color of what it really looks like on the walls. Again it looks great with anything. I currently have robins egg blue and chocolate but I did have red and gold that looked great with it too! I might be using this color on the exterior of my house sometime in the next year as well.


If you are looking for a chocolate brown then this next color you will love! Melting Chocolate by Behr is the color in my dining room. Sorry no great pics…my kids and husband had taken over the dinning room table when I was capturing pics:)


Are you inspired to go paint a room now?


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  1. I'm a huge fan of Behr's blues they are stunning. I used silver strand in my bathroom.You can see it here: Can't wait to see the result:)


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