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Family Room/Kitchen–Rocky Mountain Sky!

Reminder of the before:


And After:


I used Rocky Mountain Sky Behr premium ultra paint in eggshell.  It has definitely lightened up the rooms! Remember I picked this color so it will go with red and gold? My husband has decided he doesn’t like the red curtains anymore so now wants brown.  Never mind that he was the one that picked the red and gold to begin with 5 years ago! He is just being true to his Type 4 energy of liking clean simple lines and knowing what he likes. True to my Type 2 I think I’m fine keeping the peace and compromising…for now anyways.

What do you think?


I’m still putting things back together and rearranging and now with the curtain colors changing it has left a big empty space over my Kitchen Window! And my husband wants to price out refinishing the cabinets…all I can say is more power to him…nice not having to justify to him why I want to spend money redecorating! LOL


And by the way…someone stated that they loved my blog and my house looked so orderly but notice I don’t have one wide angle shot because my counters and floor can’t stay clutter free long enough for me to take a pic! So remember just because you can’t see the mess doesn’t mean it isn’t there! LOL


Here is one wide angle below…notice the brown solid curtains in this room that are too short? We {yes my husband has decided he is helping to decorate} are trying to blend with the other stripe…I’m thinking I will go find either fabric or another pair of a patterned brown to make these curtains longer and make a curtain for the kitchen?


I also added paint in the middle square of my fire place for a punch of color since the built ins and everything was white…what do you think? I’m still getting use to it!  Oh and what I thought was just a simple change of paint color has opened a whole can of worms in the downstairs of  redecorating!

To be continued…


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  1. I really like it. It softens the rooms up alot. How do you like the eggshell finish? I usually use satin, so was curious as to how it well it keeps clean.(Kathy Baker)

  2. I usually use flat so this is step up and I can definately see more light reflecting off it!

  3. Beautiful, Stacey! The blue compliments the rest of the colors in your home so well. I bet you are just loving it!

  4. Where did you purchase your damask style curtains?


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