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Favorite Type 2 Outfits!

I’m so excited! Less then 1 week until I fly off to Salt Lake City for the 1st Annual Celebrate Your Beauty Dressing Your Truth Conference!  500 Women from around the world are gathering to celebrate their inner and outer beauty while dressing their truths! I’m going to be gone for 5 days total however, I need 3 outfits for the event and of course they need to be my favorite! 

How do I decide? I love all my TYPE 2 Clothes!  It gets even more complicated and exciting for me in my decision…I’ve been chosen to share my DYT journey with the audience (click here to read my personal journey)  and be interviewed by Carol Tuttle herself!  I’m super excited but not going to lie I am just a tad nervous.  I don’t really like to speak in front of people or be in the spotlight true to my TYPE 2 nature and I’m going on stage in front of 500+ people! What was I thinking volunteering to do that? HAHA Us Type 2’s tend to focus on the details, planning, worrying and over thinking our decisions so I’m asking for a little help here!

Here are some of my favorite things and you tell me which ones I should pack on my trip by commenting below…though I do reserve the right to make any last minute changes the night before I leave! LOL Thanks so much for your help!

I love the pink rose sweater and also the cream rose top…I always get lots of compliments on them.

The long gray dress I also love and I have an outfit I didn’t post that I was wearing when I received that huge compliment by someone I didn’t know telling me how beautiful I was…decisions decisions…


Here are some of my casual t-shirts and a few can be dressed up a bit…I like to be comfortable so a couple of these I will wear when I’m traveling.  True to my type 2 nature I like soft knits and nothing too stiff!  Oh and don’t get me started on my shoes…they have to be comfortable!
Now remember I only have a carry on suitcase to bring and my purse…what would you pack if you were me?  I have lots of comfortable capri’s and skirts to go with all these tops so, please help me decide which shirts I should bring!

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  1. Wow, everything in that top picture is AMAZING!! LOVE the gray dress and the cardigan/scarf combination on the far right. Really, I don't think you can go wrong with any of it. You're going to look totally gorgeous!

  2. Wow! Your clothes are so beautiful, you are going to look absolutely gorgeous! Where do you shop? I don't have a fav cuz I love it all!! I love your wardrobe! It would only let me post anonymously but this is Jolene!

  3. If you are having a problem commenting you can email me at!

  4. Your wardrobe is gorgeous! This is so inspiring for me who is just starting out as a Type 2. I'd also love to know where you shop!

  5. I get a lot of my things at Ann Taylor Loft, Loft Outlet and Down East Basics! It has taken me a year to really get down my own style within the type 2 and I'm branching out into other type 2 colors.


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