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A Teenagers “Dressing Your Truth” Journey

My oldest daughter was having her 13th Birthday and I thought the best gift I could give her was to help her start her Teenage years off right by understanding her Type 3 Nature. Remember I as her Mother am a Type 2 and complete opposite! Knowing our differences has made it much easier for us to understand each other and for me as her Mother to understand when it comes to parenting her!  Yes Energy Profiling and Dressing Your Truth is for the whole family no matter what age and is wonderful to understand the types for better parenting and relationships with your family!

So this is her the day before her 13th Birthday! {She is TALLER than I}

Before Kelsey DYT

I had bought the Type 3 Dressing Your Truth course that she had watched about a month before her Birthday and it gave her time to process and identify to her Energy Type…though she had watched the My Energy Profile online course over a year ago to determine she was a Type 3.  The day of her birthday and throughout the week beforehand we got her hair done, bought her type clothes, jewelry, had her make-up done and she was shown how to apply it…some of it was a surprise on her Birthday.

And After…

13th Birthday 00613th Birthday 00713th Birthday 009Kelsey 013Kelsey 014

My little girl grew up {Remember she is already taller than I} but she looks fantastic!  It is important that she feel beautiful and confident in who she is especially entering a time in her life when most teenagers question who they are!  I’m excited that she has this knowledge at such an early age and will never have to worry about awkward teenage pictures like the rest of us! lol

13 yr old DYT Make-Over

Type 3’s are more of a swift move ahead movement! They require more texture and edginess to their attire and are more exotic.  They would look silly in my soft flowing Type 2 clothes!

Just a side note about what I’ve noticed between my Type 2 Daughter and Type 3 Daughter on their first day of middle school…My Type 2 Daughter was all about the details and planning out her outfit the night before and looked beautiful in her full attire complete with all accessories.  My Type 3 Daughter has a closet full of new clothes and accessories yet she threw everything together last minute walking out the door not paying much attention to details nor did she wear any accessories!  It was so fun to watch and honor them in their true types.  They were both confident and felt beautiful inside and out because they understand what energy they each lead with and are Dressing Their Truth’s!


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  1. Wow ~ what a transformation. She went from a typical teen to HOT (as Carol would say). I wouldn't have known it was the same girl.Your children are beautiful and I commend you for sharing this gift with them at an early age. Bravo!! I am a T2 as well and just beginning my journey

  2. Wow! As a Type 3, I can say that I wish I had DYT at that young of an age! What a blessing for her! She looks great and hot!

  3. Me too, T2 Mom with a T3 daughter. It's been interesting to recognize our differences and be accepting of our differences. It's so great to know there are other families out there on a similar journey! Thanks for your story. My girl always wants to see other T3 teenagers, and here is a great one!

  4. So inspiring, I plan to get each of my girls own course too. It's so important they come to know who they truly are at this critical age in their lives.

  5. I love the yellow shirt/red belt combo and boots. I recently went to a feed store with a clothes line and noticed lots of things in our 3 colors.Denise T3

  6. I'm a T3 and I had a T2 mom, and I dressed pretty as a T2 most of my life. This would have been awesome for me at that age. Hot, Hot, Hot!!!

  7. Your daughter is gorgeous, Stacey! How wonderful to head into her teenage years with confidence and style! What a beautiful blog! From one of your Type 2 Facebook Group companions.


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