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Dressing Our Truth’s Down South!

It has been so crazy since returning for the Dressing Your Truth Conference in SLC.  Such a wonderful experience I had learning about the different types and talking with women all over the world that are Dressing Their Truths

Bev, Carol, Me and Nancy

I was shopping yesterday with my husband at TJ Max and thought I would post a few of my bargain deals for both my Type 3 daughter and my Type 2 self.  Such great things I found throughout the store in both Type 3 and Type 2 for great prices.

Here is what my 13 year old daughter wore today to church and she said she got lots of compliments or comments of how other people needed her help to learn how to dress themselves.  She didn’t know what to say so I told her next time to say “You to can look this good if you learn how to Dress Your Truth!” Or “Isn’t my Mom awesome because she buys me such great outfits!” lol  I’m definitely learning how to dress a Type 3 teenager who really doesn’t want to take time for the details…and she doesn’t seem to mind that I make suggestions, she feels and looks confidently beautiful!


Calvin Klein tank dress T-shirt material with a great brown/cream print that regular price was $60 and I got it for $24.99.  I helped her pair it with a brand new brown sweater I had bought her from Old Navy that was 75% off during the summer making it around $5.  Her jewelry is mostly from the DYT Store with the exception of her earrings from Claire’s and a few wood bracelets I picked up for a couple bucks each at the SLC airport on my way home last Monday.

I also got 2 skirts and a lace top on my shopping trip yesterday that I love!


Charcoal gray soft and light weight skirt with my soft pink lace top that I put over a cream tank and paired with my cream short sleeve sweater.  My skirt was $16.99 and my shirt was $19.99.  My shoes were from Kohl’s a few weeks back for $10! You can’t really see my jewelry in the picture, silver chain necklace and silver oval earrings.

It was a successful shopping trip and really I had to resist so many other great finds!  Find out more about Energy Profiling and Dressing Your Truth so you too can find shopping so much fun and love everything in your closet!


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  1. see…now you look more like her older sister than her mom! and I am sooo jealous of her outfit cus i am a 3 too

  2. both of you look lovely!!

  3. Wow! You had some great success! I go into our TJ Maxx all the time and never find anything! Congratulations!

  4. Stacey, you both look beautiful!! Great finds! You know, I have been wondering if T3s can wear cream or ivory, and I see that it works well in your daughter's dress. I guess the main criteria is that a color not pop, so as long as it doesn't, even a color as light as cream will work.

  5. How fun! My mom sent me to your blog and I'm jealous you and your daughter can do this together. My mom and I are in different states and she is desperately trying to get me to figure out my type (I'm pretty sure I'm a 1) and go thrift store shopping with me. You and your daughter look beautiful!


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