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Exterior Home Make-Over!

Took a little longer than expected due to rain but, it is finally finished!
Here is the before shot from a few months ago…
IMG_20110506_155619[1] (2)
We live in a subdivision which has an HOA.  I didn’t want to get crazy changing the colors too much as I didn’t want to stir up trouble however, I never liked the exterior colors the builder had painted our home 5 years ago when we bought it brand new.  I knew we needed to do something that complemented the stone better….I think it looks much nicer now, don’t you?
Just before painting we replaced the light fixtures to pretty new black ones…and just after painting I had the porch and driveway pressured washed. I also made over the cement on the door step and I will show you that in another post with my patio make-over.  Looks so much more inviting!
I’ve included the color descriptions and pictures of each paint color below.  We used all Behr premium paint from home depot. I agonized for months, days and hours before painting over the colors!
We will start with the siding…which is the main color that is on the sides and back of the house as well as a little on the front including the highest peek to the right. This came out the perfect shade I wanted…not too dark not too light and it matches the stone really well.
Sherwin Williams Latte at 150%
Next is the shake shingles on the front.  The color is Sherwin Williams Portabello.  I had the siding darkened and wish I would have darkened this color just a little to give more contrast.  It looked very different side by side but up on the house it looks very similar in color.
Next is the trim color.  I wanted to stick with a white because all of our windows are vinyl white so we now window painting was required.  We have trim pieces that butt right up to the windows and I didn’t want it to clash. I did want something that would dry a little softer so it was suggested to use Behr Swiss Coffee.
Next the Shutter and Door color…I will be grateful it rained and delayed the painting mid stream as I changed this color from plain black to this custom color I mixed up myself that is a very dark brown dark grey softened black depending the way the sun hits it! I love it!
Since I designed the shutter color by mixing up a bunch of paints I’m going to name it Dark Roast to go along with my Latte and Swiss Coffee theme!
Just too show you how crazy it was to paint this house….
Would you risk your life hanging by a rope to paint that trim? Crazy scary!
So there is the low down on all the colors!  Let me know if you have any questions by leaving me a comment!  Next post will be the back exterior transformation.  We added a patio cover and I also made-over the cement but, not completely finished setting up my new out door space!
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  1. this is amy:) It looks amazing:)

  2. Looks so pretty! Huge improvement! Thanks for sharing all the paint info…..think I'll store that away for a later date myself!Heather

  3. LOVE IT!!! Did your roof change? Do you know what the roofing is?

  4. Hey! It looks awesome now! Great job on the color choice! Please come show it off at my place on Wednesday!MelodyChattyChics.comPS I love your blog, subscribe and want your button on my blog but can't find it on your page. 🙂

  5. Terry and Amy Wilson thanks for the comment! No our roof did not change and I'm sorry I don't know the name of our roofing:(

  6. Love your home and what a great color scheme. I like it both ways…nice house! Stop by and visit, cause' I love to meet new blog friends, Lori


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