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Patio Makeover

The Before!
The After at night!
I am still working on the space but we just love it!
 I hired out help for the building of the cover but, did shop around to keep the costs down. We added a very simple cover that has a metal roof and Styrofoam in between the wood slats so that we don’t see the metal from underneath.  It is painted in Behr Swiss Coffee.
IMG_8798 IMG_8802
My husband used an adapter in the outside light fixture to hook up the white Christmas lights that are strung up and now turn on and off by the light switch.
I had the cement pressure washed and used Restore from Home Depot in Beach.  This stuff is awesome and has very little odor.  It helps fill in cracks and makes an over pressure washed patio look so pretty.  I picked a lighter color so when the sun hits it it won’t be too hot to walk on plus it helps make it feel fresh and clean! 
It can be used on old wood decks and make it look just like new.  It isn’t cheap stuff but, it works great and is suppose to hold up really well!
I also did my front step on my front porch that you can see here as well. 
Got lots more decorating plans for the space but, for now we are loving our new outdoor room!
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  1. That turned out SO great! It's amazing what a cover will do for the looks of a porch!


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