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1st Annual Pie Palooza Night!


Our family hosted our 1st Annual Pie Palooza Night the Monday before Thanksgiving!  We invited just about everyone we knew via Facebook or word of mouth to come have a slice of pie with us to kick off Thanksgiving Week! Every year we’ve wanted to do this and we let the time slip by us…I remembered the week before and so glad we finally did it!IMG_9289

We had 24 pies on hand and we had some people join in the fun and bring a homemade pie!  It was a perfect night and most of the kids went straight into the back yard.  Many adults gathered under our new patio cover and enjoyed some good conversation.


Pintrest inspired décor! Yummy pie!


I didn’t get too many pictures but, we had lots of people come…how many I’m not sure…a lot for NOT putting out official invites!  It was a very fun tradition our family has started and we now have people marking on their calendars for next year!  I’ve got some big plans for next year! 

Pie Palooza Night was a huge success!


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