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Elf on the Shelf–10 Day of Fun Recap!

This year our Elves (Nickolyn Joe & Jingles) came a little late with only 10 days left until Christmas Eve.  Usually our Elves are pretty boring but, NOT this year! The kids had lots of fun…and so did a few other Elf helpers even though they won’t admit it publically!

DAY #1 – Snow Angel Elf

snow angel

Day #2 – Zip Line Elf


DAY#3 -  Elf Bungee Drop


DAY #4- Elf Room Barricade


DAY #5 – Elf Duck Tape Hold Up


DAY #6 – T.P. Elf


DAY #7 – Rudolph Elf


DAY #8 – Heckling on the Mirror Elf

bathroom elves 001Bathroom Elves

DAY #9 – Elf Underwear Hang


DAY #10 – North Pole or Bust Elf


Jingles stays with us throughout the year but, Nickolyn Joe our 1st Elf On the Shelf always returns to the North Pole.  This year the Elves were so entertaining…I wonder what they will do next year?!!!


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