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Memory Wall

Project #1
{I am starting a New year’s worth of projects and an attempting to post 1 project a week for the whole year! 52 home projects in 2012!}
I have been wanting to create a collage of photos of my family.  My husband and I will celebrate our 15th Anniversary this year so, this was really fun putting together photographs of us and the kids. I have a small hallway where I had a few pictures hung with a vinyl lettering saying:
“A Smile Happens in a Flash its Memory last a Lifetime”
I have had a stack of frames that I’ve collected through out the years that had been displayed in our home with various pictures. 
I laid the frames out with pictures and attempted to make my collage on the floor first. It didn’t end of looking anything like this by the time I was done.
Next I took the wood frames that didn’t blend and lined them up for spraying and they got a quick coat of black satin spray paint.
{Mind you this was the extent of excitement I had on New Year’s Eve}
The next day I assembled all the pictures in frames and laid them back on the floor and enlisted my husband to help me hang.  We didn’t use any fancy method to keep everything straight…just our handy dandy nails, hammer and laser level.  We started hanging from the center working our way out and we changed a few pictures as we went.  Some we just excluded all together. Since it is a small hallway no one will really be able to stare at the whole wall from a distance so it really didn’t have to be perfect.
Besides doing a project with my favorite photos of my family, the best thing about this project was it was FREE! I used things I already had on hand like old frames, spray paint and pictures! I love passing by this wall as I come and go out of my office as it just makes me happy!  My 5 kids have had a blast looking at all the baby pictures of each other seeing how some of them looked a lot a like.  There expressions and conversations over the pictures have been priceless.
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