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1 Old T-Shirt = Headband, Scarf and Necklace–No Sew

T-shirt flower, scarf, necklace, headband 001
Yes all made out of an old gray t-shirt and no sewing!
So if I would have thought to do this during the day my pictures would be much better for a tutorial but, sometimes I feel crafty when it isn’t the most convenient lighting opportunity! After all “real” life isn’t always blog picture perfect! I started making just 1 of these and then realized I had enough fabric to just keep going…once I got started I wasn’t going to stop until I finished all 3!
You will need 1 large old t-shirt, scissors, fabric glue or I used hot glue, fabric flower and felt.
*Side Note – If you don’t like the color of your t-shirt or it is one of Daddy’s not so white t-shirts anymore, use my Drab to Fab clothes dying tutorial to make this project even better!
Start with your old t-shirt laid out flat and start cutting 1 inch strips off the bottom.
I used my new self healing cutting matt and rotary cutter which worked great but, scissors will work just fine and it doesn’t have to be perfectly straight or smooth straight edges…just cut away. You should have a nice long round band. Cut 5 of those and then holding in both ends stretch bands and fabric will naturally curl up. Gather them up and tie a piece of fabric around them to hold together and clip or glue a flower over the tie or just clip a flower on like I did.
tshirt designs 003 copytshirt necklace 001 copy
Wear them long or twist them around for a short necklace.
Next I cut a 2 inch wide band the same way as above and set it aside for your headband. (Or after thought – the edge of the sleeve might be perfect size to fit around your head) Then I cut 3 strips each slightly different widths to make the flowers. Twist your band and then let the band roll up on itself making it half its size.
Next tie the ends together so you have one strip. The knot will be the center of your flower. Pinch the center and start dabbing glue and apply pressure as you glue the strip in a circular motion.
When you get to the end I glued the edge under the flower. With different widths in your strips your flowers should be slightly different sizes. Arrange your flowers on your felt how you would like to wear them on your headband. You will glue your flowers onto the felt.
Then cut the felt around the flowers to give you a nice backing to hold the flowers in place.  Then glue your felt or back of flowers on your headband.  I just tied the headband strip around my daughters head but you could determine the right size and glue or sew it to the size of your choice. Or use a band off the sleeve like I thought of afterwards.
tshirt designs 004 copy
To make the scarf you will use the remaining parts of the shirt.  Get about a 9 inch plate and use the rest of your shirt cutting out as many round circles as you can. I adapted in places to cut out the graphic on my t-shirt. It doesn’t matter if they are perfect and I even used parts of the sleeves. The more circles the more ruffles you will have.
Next cut your circles into spirals starting at the edge about 1.5/2 inches again doesn’t have to be perfect or even.
I cut 2 at a time just so that I had approximate same size ruffle for each side of my scarf but, it doesn’t matter. Next you will again pull each end and stretch it which will make the fabric curl up and form the ruffles.  I was in a hurry so I just laid out the ruffles so the ends of each of the 2 I cut crossed over each other like if I would have sewed or glued them in one long strip. After I laid all of them out I took an extra piece of left over scraps and tied all the ends together in a knot.
It seems to hold it pretty well but, I might go back and glue or sew it together for a more secure option. I again gave all the ruffles a little tug and stretched the fabric. Wrap it around your neck and cute scarf!
tshirt designs 002 copy
So I still might dip my gray scarf or necklace into a dye bath but, I have about 5 other t-shirts in different colors that I can’t wait to make more of these cute items with.
This project didn’t cost me anything, even my T-shirt was a freebie, as everything I used I already had on hand. It shouldn’t take more than an 1 hour to do all 3…well if you don’t start in the late afternoon, have 5 children interrupting, you aren’t over seeing your 7 yr. old daughter making dinner, wishing happy birthdays and talking to your sister on the phone that is! It probably wasn’t the most convenient time, nor the best lighting to collect pictures of a tutorial of a project I’ve never done before but, then again when is the perfect time to get crafty? I feel great that I dug in and created something! Real Southern Living is about “REAL” Living and that life isn’t always blog picture perfect!
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  1. Love this. I did almost the same thing with a couple of t-shirts this summer. I have three of the scarves and I love them. Love how easy they are too!

  2. Love it!! I must try 🙂 Found you at The Southern Product Queen!

  3. Love all these ideas! Soooo creative! Thanks for sharing. XOXO, you at The Southern Product Queen)

  4. I'm doing this! Such a cute idea! I hope it looks as good as yours! Thanks for linking it up at my linky party!

  5. ❤ these ideas! Def. going in my favorites folder! Thanks! 🙂

  6. My dad died two years ago and for some reason I just could not pitch his old, paint splattered, t-shirts. They have been folded and stored in a closet all this time. He was an airline pilot, but on his time off he worked on our cars, kept the yard looking lovely, and fixed anything that needed fixing or updating at home. I am going to use this idea to surprise my mom and sister with scarfs!!! Thank you so much.

  7. Wow! My husband has some Tshirts I'd like to do this to. KnowwhatImean? Great job.

  8. Great job!! I especially love the scarf!Thanks for sharing at A Simply Klassic Home!

  9. These are so cute!! I love the head band, and I've made something like this before, but they don't stay on my head!! I hate that, so I don't make them anymore. I never realized that is how those necklace's are made!!So easy and so cute!!

  10. I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don’t know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.snoods


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