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Front Door Accessorizing

Project #2

My front door was recently painted when we did our exterior paint make over and after all the Christmas decorations were down it felt a little bare.

I found a cute red berry wreath on Clearance after Christmas that I thought was still fun for the winter and festive for the up coming Valentines Day. I also have a metal star that I wanted to hang on the inside of my door.

I used 2 pieces of ribbon, 1 wrapped around each the wreath and star to hang from and then used a tack in the top of my door to hold them.  This a great way to hang things on the door and not put a hole in your newly painted door.
Next I had a vinyl lettering welcome sign and my husband assisted me hanging it.  If you haven’t used vinyl lettering I highly recommend if for easily adding quotes or sayings to any smooth surface in your home. You can buy them through companies like this one or make your own if you have Silhouette machine.
Again, it is a great way to accessorize your door with out much effort or expense. It not only makes a more welcoming feeling as guests come to my home but, it just makes me feel good as I come home and walk through the front door!

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