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Small Bathroom Makeover-Under $20

Project #4

small bathroom makeover 001

This is a small guest bathroom with no window and the only bathroom on the main level of our home. It was dark and I wanted to add a fresh feeling to it. It is also the most used bathroom and needed attention.
I was able to complete the whole transformation for under $20.
 I lucked out and found a $7 can of oops paint that was almost a perfect match to my shower curtain! I barely made a dent in the can by painting the top portion of the walls and ceiling this beautiful light blue with a tinge of green. I’m going to take the can to get them to run a color and get the paint formula to post here. I still have plenty of paint to paint my kids bathroom’s upstairs.
small bathroom makeover 002
I used 1 – 1×3 and 2-1×2 boards from Home Depot. We are talking $3.52 for the wood. They aren’t perfect pieces of wood and not smooth like regular molding but, c’mon it is so much more affordable then the other trim that is over $1 a foot not a board!
My husband measured and then used his new compound miter saw (my favorite tool so far) to cut the 1×3 as the top piece of the Batten Board. He measured and cut the 1×2 as the strips running down the wall and he cut a 45 degree angle at the bottom where the baseboard and 1×2 join.
small bathroom makeover 003
I sanded as best I could (probably could of done a better job on the sanding if I do it again) and then my husband glued and nailed (making sure to find a few studs) the top 1×3 in place using a level…you will see above that he had a few helpers.  Then he glued and nailed the 1×2 strips in place, 12 inches apart, and made sure all the pieces fit perfectly.  You will find your wall, floor and other moldings won’t be perfectly square all the way around so each piece might be cut slightly different lengths like ours was. I then got out the caulking gun and went to town caulking everything where the wood and wall meet up.
small bathroom makeover 004
The frame for the mirror was a piece of cake. We used door casing at 22 cents a foot (so a couple of bucks) and again measured, cut 45 degree angles in the corners giving us 4 pieces.  I painted the frame first, front and back, then used liquid nails making sure not to get close to the edge of the inside of the frame. Part of the back of the frame will reflect back in the mirror and you want to make sure it has a good coat of paint and no glue shows.
small bathroom makeover 005
I used semi gloss Behr Swiss Coffee paint for all the white trim. It was left over from our exterior trim when we painted the exterior of our home in the fall. I hung back up my Headboard turned Towel Rack and put back a few of the other accessories I already had!
Casing and Trim = $7.50 approx.
Blue Oops Paint = $7.00
Liquid Nails = $2.38
Total= $16.88
I had caulk, white trim paint, nails and other supplies all left over from other projects. And there you have it! I love it…now to keep it clean…I have boys…need I say more!
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  1. Impressive! And I totally agree paint is the best and cheapest and most dramatic way to make over a room! I love your wood work. It looks great in your small room!-Revi

  2. That looks like a big budget make over! I love what some paint and moulding can do to liven up a space. Great job!!

  3. Fabulous job! I love how it turned out and for on $17? You rocked that bathroom!

  4. WOW!!! That's impressive and beautiful!!

  5. Stacey,Wow – what a transformation!! Five other blog buddies and I are having an "Imagine the Impossibilities" challenge and link party where we have each challenged ourselves to complete one thing by January 31st that seems "Impossible". We are inviting our readers to join the challenge as well. I'd love for you to check out my introductory post explaining what we are doing and have you link up your bathroom transformation! Mark your calendar for the Tuesday, Jan 31 link party! The following week, each of our 6 blogs will be featuring 5 favorites! Hope to see you there.Here's the link to the challenge post:

  6. LOVE this project. I put the link on my blog. Check it out.

  7. Nice job, Stacey! Love board and batten and you make it look so easy, and the change is huge! Thanks for sharing this at Simply Klassic Home

  8. Really love it! A nice transition.

  9. Love it! I did the same trim to all of our builder mirrors and was just about to do the same batten board as well. I think I will take back my wood though and pick up the cheap ones you got! Mine was 50 bucks!

  10. I absolutely love this makeover, and am in total awe that it was done for under $20!Thanks for sharing this great inspiration!Take care,Christina

  11. Oh my!!! Under 20$?!?! I love it!!!! Check out my blog too :)

  12. Thanks for linking up! This is feature worthy! Great job!

  13. It turned out beautiful!! I'm visiting from ChattyChics 🙂 So glad they featured you!Kristi

  14. This looks awesome! Isn't it amazing what $20 and some paint can do? I did a very similar makeover last year in my 1/2 bath for $20 too. Great minds think alike! 🙂


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