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Berries to Jam–Canning Jam

Jam Making 001
Last week a friend and I made home made Wheat Bread. What better to go with your bread then fresh homemade Jam. It is actually very easy and I’m not sure why I was so intimidated to try it on my own…I guess I’m a visual learner so hopefully this post will help one of you try it!

I had frozen Marion Berries from Oregon that I bought from a group order I participated in at Church! If you haven’t had Marion Berries they are delicious! You can use what ever fresh or frozen fruit you like…I want to try Peach Jam next. I do live in the Peach State and we love Peaches in the Summer!
Jam Making 002
1. You will need your fruit (my case Marion Berries) and puree it. I use my Vita-Mixer and it works great even with semi frozen fruit. You can use a mixer, blender, food processor, etc. just make sure you don’t over extend your machine because it will be thick.
2. You will need a box of Fruit Pectin found in the store with the canning supplies. Now, there are different types and brands to choose from. Next time I will look for a pink box of this brand as it requires LESS sugar then this box and my friends jam with less sugar was still yummy and better for you.
3. Depending on the type of Pectin you will follow the instructions on the box and amount of sugar. I used the cooked Jam recipe and method so that I had a hot jam mixer to can.  This is important that it be a cooked method in order to can like I do below.
4. You will need a very small amount of butter to help the mixer not to foam.
5. Of course you need jars, new seals and lids.  Usually found in a case in the canning isle of your store.  For jam I like the smaller jars but, you could do any size you like. This recipe made about 8 small jars.
Jam Making 003
Cooking the Jam:
Again follow the recipe on your box of Pectin but, it should be similar.
{Have a small frying pan out, fill with water and place your seals in the pan and bring water to boil while you cook your jam mixture.}
1. Put your pureed fruit, pectin and tad of butter in a pan.
2. Bring mixture to a boil.
3. Add sugar stirring as you add it in.
4. Bring to a rapid boil that you can’t stir down and it should look like it has a glass effect.
5. Turn heat off and scrape off any foam with a spoon. (Forgot to take a picture but, you shouldn’t have much if you’ve put butter in it like recipe states)
Jam Making 004
You should have had your seals heating up already and boiling while your mixture was cooking.  I bought a small canning kit that came with a funnel and a magnet seal lifter that comes in real handy and highly suggest it.
To Can:
1. Put your funnel in your jar and ladle the mixture into the jar filling just below the top of the jar.
2. Wipe with a wet paper towel the rim of the jar making sure to wipe off any mixture where the lid goes.
3. Take your magnet seal lifter or a pair of kitchen tongs and place the seal on your jar.
4. Screw on lid so that it is on but, not as tight as you can get it…the jars will be very hot. 
5. Then turn jar upside down for 5 minutes. Fill up all your jars first and then set your timer.
6. Turn jars right side up and wait for the popping noise that will occur letting you know they are sealed.  You can make sure the jars are nice and tight.
Jam Making 005
The jam in the jars should last for a very long time…I mean years! This is great to have in your food storage or pantry. If you open a jar though you should refrigerate it. I usually have a jar at the end that isn’t completely full.  No need to seal it just let it cool and stick it in the fridge to start eating it right away!  I am not a big jam eating person but, the first time I made this I think I ate a whole jar and loaf of bread in one afternoon…it is really that yummy so beware!
These jars make great neighbor, friend and teacher gifts with or without bread. I’ve even had a friend offer to buy a jar from me this week after giving her one for Christmas and she isn’t a big jam eating person either but, she loved this stuff!
Enjoy canning!
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  1. AMAZING! This turned out FABULOUS! Thanks for sharing at my party!!! Happy Valentine's Day!!! XO, Aimee

  2. This is awesome Stacey! Going to be featuring this in a future post! Love the visuals! This is the best tutorial on making jam!


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