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Easy No Sew Curtains/Organizing/Bulletin Board

Project #5
I have a bunch of little projects going on this week that I’m counting as 1 big project. Remember I am trying to do one home project a week for a year!
 No Sew Curtains
I love!  It is the 2nd time I’ve ordered from them and I have loved my fabric, the price was unbeatable and it came right to my door quickly with FREE Shipping! You can’t beat it! 
For my 1st order I posted a tutorial on No Sew Curtains. {revisit my post here.} I get tons of compliments on my curtains in both my living room and family room.  People are shocked when I tell them they aren’t sewed. {I need to learn to take a compliment and quit telling people they aren’t sewed.} My living room ones I have never got around to ironing the hem with stitch witch.

I made 2 sets of Curtains this week in less then an hour total, seriously so easy. I am working on cleaning and organizing 2 different rooms and figure pretty curtains help motivate me to keep going!

Room #1 Office/Craft Room
EG-974 Premier Prints Royal Suzani Chocolate/Natural
Remember my office organization project last January.
Well seems as I re-visit this project several times through out the year {More like Monthly or Weekly} and I’ve decided some décor might make it feel more like a nice room and maybe people will think twice before dumping their junk into it…we shall see…it is a good excuse to decorate whether it works or not!
Office Craft Room 001
My Decorative Bulletin Board post from years ago is one of my most read posts and still keeps getting hits. Well I took that board all apart and covered it with extra fabric from the curtains. I have so much stuff to pin on it that I didn’t add any extra fancy ribbon or clips this time.
Office Craft Room Bulletin Board
I’ve made progress but, nothing too picture worthy yet!

Room #2 Master Bedroom
ES-214 Premier Prints Twill Ozborne Blue/White
We have had a new bedding set for close to a year and I’ve never loved my dark brown plain curtains…boring.  My husband likes the room dark while he sleeps so the curtains needed to slide open and shut plus black the room out. I used the old curtains behind the fabric panels and just clipped it all with the drapery clips…you can’t even tell and the I get to see the fresh brighter fabric instead of dark and drab.
Master Bedroom 001
I also organized my dresser after being inspired on Pinterest! I condensed so much that I have extra drawers…my husband asked if he might have a drawer or two since he keeps his folded items in plastic bins under the bed…I’m still deciding! LOL
I am still working on some other sprucing items for this room as well like necklace storage, sitting area and cleaning off the tops of the dressers!
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  1. Wow, you're on a roll!!! Loving your fabric choices – and the curtains really look great; I'm feeling totally inspired to add some curtains to my home now (hubby and I are in desperate need of getting rid of the two ugly blinds and million naked windows we have right now)!Thanks for the inspiration!Take care,Christina

  2. Hi, I saw your link at Funky Junk Interiors and came by to visit. I'm a fabric addict and love your curtains and bulletin board projects. Awesome job!Shasta

  3. Both of those patterns are gorgeous – nice job!

  4. Stacey, love your curtain. I can't wait to browse your site and see what else you have done. I need curtains on most all of our windows since we recently moved and I can't decide what I want. I like this option. I'm a new follower.

  5. Those fabrics are so pretty! And they look fabulous in your home! Great job! :)xoxo laurie

  6. Hey you're doing a project a week too! You should join me for Handmade 52! -Katie

  7. Love it. I have got to try this since I no longer own a sewing machine! Thanks for linking up!


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