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Inexpensive Tricks to Updating Your Wardrobe

4 Dye Tips
One of my most popular blog post is a tutorial on how I dyed a few clothing items.  Click here to read. I have done several other dye baths over the last few years and had some great success in updating a few items for my daughter and I that were more conducive to Dressing Our Truths. I’ve toned down an orange sweater and workout top using Pearl Gray. I also found my daughters favorite sweater on clearance in the same color she already had so we dyed it!

This morning I came across this article about dying tips and I wanted to share.  I was in the sauna at the gym {I love the Sauna as you can sit in there and sweat liked you work out while you read and learn things with only lifting a finger to pick up your magazine!}…it seems all the magazines are out dated but, this one said February so I thought it was current…it is from last year…Lucky Magazine February 2011! None the less I’m glad I picked it up!
Dye tip #1
dye tip 1
So this tip is pretty much the basic dying that I show you in my tutorial.  They do things slightly different but, the concept is the same taking light to dark.
Dye Tip #2
dye tip 2
This tip is about dying cottons, silks and synthetics. Again pretty much using the same Rit dye method but, they do it slightly different. What intrigued me the most with this was how they took dark colored clothes to light colors and I’m guessing they use the color reducer…they don’t share how they did that!  I need to do some more research into how they did this because taking something black to a pretty blue color would be wonderful for all of us who dress our truths and don’t wear black!
Dye Tip #3
dye tip 3
This tip is for dying Cashmere and Wool and suggest using an acid dye by Jacquard…it uses vinegar not acid so don’t get scared like I did!  The article suggest is cost about $4.69 at {FYI..I’m just passing along the info and in no way affiliated with the magazine or website or getting compensated}
Dye Tip #4
dye tip 4
This one really intrigued me and I have wondered how to dye leather. I’ve tried spray painting leather and it doesn’t work well…spray paint works fine on synthetic shoes but, not leather. They show in tip 2 taking black leather shoes to white and in tip 4 they answered my question on the leather dye. How many times do you find a comfortable pair of shoes or have a pair you love but, they need to be a different color or just given new life?  Here is your answer! Tarrago Leather dye $6.95 at Wardrobe Supplies.
Again this article is found here online and you can go read up and watch the video’s as well.  I think I will be ordering some leather dye to try!
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