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The Gulf Coast–Destin Florida

beach 008
We’ve only been here a few hours and the kids hit the beach in full clothes until our condo was ready!

beach 005beach 003
They don’t care that the water is 67 degree’s…they love the beach!  The sand is soft and very white. 
beach 011beach 012
When we came here for Presidents weekend 6 years ago the older 2 jumped in the ocean and it was only 40 degree’s out! We are glad it is warmer this time around!
The boys were collecting these shells…they were so excited to find Shark Teeth and I couldn’t ruin their excitement with the truth!
beach 009beach 013
So happy to walk the beach at Sunset with my best friend! The beach faces south giving the sunset a very unique view.
beach 001

This is one of the most prettiest beaches in the whole world and we get to enjoy it for the weekend! I hope you all get a few days to enjoy and relax as well!

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  1. Oh, lucky you! Destin is my favorite place in the world. Absolutely the BEST beaches EVER. If you get time, drive down the coast (eastward) to visit the SeaSide community. It's worth the drive!

  2. Your pictures are beautiful!!!!


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