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Gulf Coast–Seaside Florida

Seaside 003Seaside 004Seaside 005
Day 2 of our trip to Florida’s Gulf Coast and we drove over to Seaside.  It is Mardi Gras time here on the Gulf Coast so they have lots of fun festivities.
Seaside 009 Seaside 002

The kids got a balloon animal from the Jester.  They were able to get their faces painted and made headbands with feathers!
Seaside 006Seaside 007
The weather turned rainy so we didn’t get to finish the parade and other festivities for the afternoon. Here are some other pictures of the scenery of Seaside…
seaside 010Seaside 016
They had some great shops with lots of eye candy for those that like the vintage style.
Seaside 020Seaside 012Seaside 013Seaside 018
They have the several really cute trailers that are food venders that line the park from ice cream to hot dogs to organic smoothies.
Seaside 017Seaside 008
It just wouldn’t be the South with out viewing these front porches to drool over…mind you we were driving and I tried my best to snap away!
Seaside 019
Who wouldn’t dream about relaxing in this scenery steps for the beach?
Seaside 021Seaside 025
My husband and I could have spent hours walking around and we really wanted to go on the home tour…the kids were a different story and having 5 antsy kids we opted to not even try.
Seaside 026
We came back to San Destin and did a little bike riding instead since the rain had eased up. My youngest doesn’t know how to ride without training wheels so my husband got a tandem bike. It was fun listening to him go from giggles to screams of panic.  My other son had a few accidents…lets just say my 3 girls seem to be more rough and tough then the boys right now! LOL
Florida 001bFlorida 003florida 004
I started my day off by running on the beach with my awesome hubby and we ended it by walking the beach even though the clouds were too thick to get any kind of sunset.  We are excited for tomorrow as the sun should come out and be a beautiful day!

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