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Gulf Coast – San Destin

Day 3 of our trip to the Gulf Coast we decided to check out the bay side of the San Destin Resort.  We stayed on the beach side so we rented bikes again and headed out.
San Destin 001

There is a fun bay town village to walk around in with shops and restaurants along with some fun activities for the kids.  The kids decided they wanted to give a try on the ropes course.

San Destin 002
All but our youngest climbed to the very top and rang the bell.  They also had a large checker board that created a boys vs. girls game in which the girls rocked! We decided to take a walk out on the pier.
San Destin 003
My youngest son was taunting his oldest Sister and was almost thrown over into the water! I love her look of delight just thinking about it!  It was beautiful but cold in the wind so we headed back to go watch the Madre Gras Dog Parade!
San Destin 004
The line of Golf Carts that lined the parking area was a sight. We lined up and waited to see dogs dressed in costumes and decked out Golf carts stroll through the Bay Warf Village.  It was Madre Gras so candy and beads were thrown at as. We had quite the collection of beads just from that day and pockets full of candy.
San Destin 005
My youngest son had his own bike this time so we figured we would start to head back…he didn’t ride as fast as everyone else so the other kids ended up getting back 15 minutes before he did! Dad was a trooper and road both directions with the little guy while I tried to keep up with the others.  The kids immediately wanted to hit the beach…they just couldn’t get enough of it even though it was a little chilly.
San Destin 001San Destin 002
The next morning we headed to the beach early before having to make the 6 hour drive home.  We love the Gulf Coast and Destin area to vacation. Hopefully we will make it back again later this year.

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