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Southern Spring Blooms

All of these pictures I’ve taken myself this spring of the wild blooms. Every spring I’ve wanted to capture these beautiful blooms and just wasn’t organized and fast enough to snap them before they disappeared.  This year I kept my camera in the car and just went for it… {even if I was standing on the side of the road in my sweaty spandex gym clothes} and I am so glad I did! I have a new found appreciation for each of these little blooms that are beautiful individually and all together.
Dogwood Tree’s
Dogwood 001Dogwood 002Dogwood 003
Forsythias Bushes
Forsythias 001Forsythias 003Forsythias 002
Lilac Bushes {More Like Wild Tree’s}
lilacs 004 copy
lilacs 001 copylilacs 002 copy
lilacs 003 copy
Cherry Tree in my front yard
Spring 2012 001 copy
My neighbors just planted this tree in their side yard which I can see from my office window. Not sure what it is but it has these beautiful purple blooms…I’m going to try to remember to ask them.
*UPDATE It is a Tulip Magnolia Tree*
Spring 2012 002 copy

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  1. Beautiful photos Stacey! You are very talented and I need to make an appointment with you soon for a family photo shoot. BTW, the last photograph looks like an Ann Magnolia tree. We have (what appears to be) the same in our backyard.


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