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It is Spring and time to spruce up the flower beds! I thought I would pass along a few things I’ve done that has made a huge impact and yet was inexpensive to the appearance of our yard.
1. Homemade Weed and Grass Killer
Let me be honest I don’t like to measure anything which explains why I don’t bake…it needs to be dump and stir in order for me to cook! So when it comes to this recipe and the measurements I used I really don’t know but, it worked!

Vinegar, Water and Blue Dawn Dish Detergent is what I used and I’m guessing half and half of vinegar and water in a large gallon sprayer.  Then a big giant squirt of Dawn. The vinegar is the key and I used distilled but, I’ve heard Apple Cider works too. You can get a gallon sprayer at Home Improvement stores for around $8 and the best investment for your yard. Spray around your plants and I could see it working right away. Plus the vinegar and Dawn help with certain bugs and pests….according to my husband not enough as we still have 3 cats and 2 dogs lingering around! LOL
{I’ve been doing lots of cleaning with these 2 products which I will share another day. I’ve been starting to store big bottles of vinegar in my food storage!}
2. Mulch
I can’t believe what a difference the dark brown mulch made in my planters.  After spraying my homemade weed killer we spread bags of mulch around the plants. It was like a brand new garden and just offset the colors of all the bushes and flowers. A bag of mulch is around $3 and we used about 25 bags between our front yard around the sides and back yard. It just made everything look clean and neat and will help keep weeds out as well.
Here is an in progress shot as we were spreading the mulch and you can see the dark brown mulch towards the back and how it just makes those plants pop out! I like the dark brown mulch as it makes our shutters on our house pop as well but, they also make red and black which you can pick which would look better with your exterior.
Happy Gardening!
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  1. I've just recently discovered the powers of Vinegar myself-works great on killing moss! I have killed plants before by using Dawn, so it should be use with caution, unless your just using it to kill weeds. Ivory is safe for killing bugs on your flowers and plants.I like the look of the dark mulch, fresh mulch really does improve the landscape!

  2. Loving the tips, thanks for sharing them!

  3. It looks WONDERFUL!!!!! Any tips to keep ants away??Thanks for sharing this at The DIY Dreamer.. From Dream To Reality!

  4. Oh that's awesome! I love that idea of a more "natural" weed killer. I hate putting chemicals on the ground! Thanks so much for sharing at my place!MelodyOne Chatty Chic

  5. Oh I do so love to read gardening tips and this is no exception! Thanks for sharing this at Natural Mother's Seasonal Celebration Sunday! x


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