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2000 Miles in less than 2 Weeks- Part 1

Yes, we went on several major road trips in a short amount of time and I am still recovering!  If you can follow – we started our Spring Break by going from Georgia to Maryland to Virginia Beach back to Georgia only to drive to Fort Jackson South Carolina and back the very next week! And Easter was in between our trips!
It was a lot of fun seeing family and a LOT of DRIVING!
First stop was to visit Grandpa in Maryland.  While there we took a trip into Washington D.C.
DC 004
The boys never let Grandpa out of their sight and treasure every moment with him. They even kept up with him…he is such a fast walker and I guess wanted us to have a fast tour. No time to stop and take pictures with him leading the group! LOL
DC 003DC 005
We ended up walking a lot and went from China town to the White House to the Washington Monument down to the Smithsonian walked through several museums and back to China Town! A LOT of WALKING! It counter acted the day before of sitting in the car driving for 11 hours.
DC 012DC 011
Living in the country has made me realize how I can’t handle crowds.  After walking through D.C. I felt anxious and just couldn’t wait to get away from all the people.  We decided to find the Washington D.C. LDS Temple.  When we drove up I instantly felt my anxiety leave and felt peace and comfort.  It is such a beautiful building that is surrounded by tree’s so you can’t see the busy roads that are close by and feels like you are in another world.  I just love LDS Temples!
DC 010DC 014DC 015
The grounds are beautiful and we met some wonderful people as we walked around with the kids.  Even the kids said this was one of the most favorite parts of our travels.  To learn more about the Mormon Faith you can click here or here.
We finished up our stay with Grandpa with a game of Mini Golf that has become a tradition when we visit…and this time no one lost any teeth!
DC 018DC 001
We started to head home only, Dad had been working making sales calls while we had been on our trip and we made a stop in Virginia Beach.  As you drive into the area you actually have to drive in a tunnel that goes under the bay which the kids thought was so cool.
VA Beach 001VA Beach 005
We checked into our hotel and headed straight for the beach!  We can’t go on vacation and not go to the beach! 
VA Beach 002VA Beach 007
The next day we had to head out early to get home…12 hours later we were home to celebrate Easter.  We enjoyed a wonderful Easter day going to church, egg hunt and dinner together as a family…even if this is really the only picture I got for the entire day!
Monday after Easter kids headed back to school while I cleaned out the car, washed clothes, unpacked and repacked to hit the road again on Tuesday…part 2 I will save for tomorrow.

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  1. That looks like a fun trip…I want to go visit as many temples as I can! I am your newest follower from the Networking Blog Hop! I would love if you would check out my blog and if you like what you see please follow back 🙂Modern Modest Beauty


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