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Atlanta LDS Temple

I need some help deciding on which 2 pictures I will blow up for frames in my living room.  The frames are antique brown and currently have Sepia tone pictures in them but are very faded pictures from the sun and need replacing.  I’ve always wanted pictures of the Temple and finally took a few when I went this past week.

  Should we stay sepia or go color and if we go color do you like the plain color, faded color and or color with texture?  Such decisions…


Atl Temple 001Atl Temple 002Atl Temple 008Atl Temple 003


Atl Temple 004Atl Temple 009Atl Temple 005Atl Temple 006Atl Temple 007Atl Temple 011

Which combination of 1 horizontal and 1 Vertical do you like?

I also didn’t water mark any of these photos so anyone who would like to use the image to have in their home may do so.  Please just remember to give Stacey J. Photography credit if posting on your website. I will be posting how I will inexpensively blow these pictures up and frame them this week when my project is complete. 

First things first – which pictures, what style?


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  1. #2 horizontal#3 verticalare my faves.

  2. Thanks! That is what my husband picked too…I love them all but, I agree these will probably look the best in the frame and room they are going in!

  3. I like #4 horizontal and #6 verticalsharon @ mrs. hines class

  4. I'm with Nancy and hubby I'm leaning towards #2 horizontal#3 verticalGood Luck


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