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Keeping it REAL

I am joining in on “Picture Me Domestic” link party going on over at It’s Overflowing. 

So, my phone doesn’t take the best pictures especially when trying to take them of myself…as you can see this is typical domestic me.  I am keeping it real here today.  Life isn’t always picture perfect clean and organized.  I thought I should show you more of the real life here at Real Southern Living. 2012-05-16_15-18-32_900 Workout/sweat/lounge pants, t-shirt, bathing suit underneath for my Aqua fitness class I teach, flip flops and pony tail.  And yes that is clean laundry all over my room!  Normally I wouldn’t ever allow anyone to see that mess but, really that’s what it looks like most days…my 5 children think that my bed is the dumping ground for clean laundry!  They have completely emptied every towel we own out of the linen closet and had them in the dirty clothes hence all those clean towels/blankets! With 7 people to do laundry for it seems inevitable that my bed looks like this on most days or the baskets are scattered all over my room.  It drives me nuts and that’s why I created the laundry system and organized the laundry baskets in the laundry room…I seem to have some slow learners on the new system and when it comes to house hold choresSmile!


Now here’s a self portrait I did a couple of months ago with a clean room but, now looking at this makes me realize that the few pounds I’ve lost does make a difference! All my working out and eating healthy has made a huge impact on the way I look and feel. I will take the messy room and a few pounds lighter any day!

Don’t forget to come back Monday for our 1st Model Monday party!  I would love to have you link up your self portraits from this party!

Model Monday 000


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  1. Yes, you can without a doubt see the difference!! You look great!! 🙂 It's a rare day that my bed is made and nothing on it, an I don't even have any kids!

  2. I love it :)Don't we all have our "put together" days and our other days 😉 But the "other" days just mean our effort has gone somewhere more fun 😉

  3. I love the two different comparisons in these photos! So glad you took the challenge! Thanks for linking up to our little party 🙂

  4. Hi, I'm following you via At the Picket Fence Bloghop!XO Cindy


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