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It’s Time to Model – Model Monday’s #1

Model Monday 000
It is time to model!  You are all beautiful and have so many wonderful talents and beauty to show off!  Please link up anything that show’s off how beautiful you are or your beautiful creations.
Ideas to Model: Your great fashion style, home décor designs, family, photography, crafts, DIY projects, etc.!
Model Monday #1
This is me today! It is hard for me to be in front of the camera and not behind it…I had to rely on my husband for the pics so I can’t be picky on the what they look like.  I have been Dressing My Truth for over 2 years now and I am so grateful I found this program.  It has really changed my life and how I view myself along with understanding others.  I have learned how to bring my inner beauty out so that it reflects on the outside.  I love getting dressed in the morning and I love all the clothes in my closet!  I love going shopping for items that are my type.  Please go check out this program if you have never heard of it…it is a must for any women and teenage girl! My teenage daughters have also been through the program and I can’t even begin to tell you how great it is to have daughters that have a great self confidence and understand themselves from the inside out!
More about my Dressing Your Truth Journey can be found here.
Dressing Your Truth Program click here.
Now on to all of you!
Have fun celebrating with me and please remember a few rules!

1. Please have a link to this party in the post or add my party button from the sidebar. If there is no link you will not be featured and/or could be deleted.
2. In the future please don’t link the same thing you linked last week. Only new links.
3. Please be a follower of this blog through Google or Facebook and go visit/comment on a few links so everyone gets some love!
4. Turning off word verification would be a great thing. You will get more comments if you do.
5. No advertising or Etsy links. document.write(”);

6 responses »

  1. I love that outfit on you, so pretty! Stopping by from the Networking Blog Hop 🙂Modern Modest Beauty

  2. I am visiting from Thee Blog Hop and I am a new follower! I will be back to link up a little later! I hope you will drop by and do the same.Robin

  3. Lovely lovely lovely!!! Where did you get the skirt?~Kelly

  4. Thank you for inviting me to your party. I don't have anything to link up this week but I have saved your page for the future:) I am now following you of GFC!

  5. Sorry I'm late to the party. I had internet issues yesterday. Hopefully things will work better next week.

  6. You look lovely! I just finished the course for Type 2s and am looking forward to starting Dressing My Truth. I look forward to reading your posts about DYT!


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