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Villa Savannah by DC2 Design – Savannah, GA

Villa Savannah 001Villa Savannah 002

We were walking down Broughton Street in Savannah, GA and I came upon this shop and was instantly drawn to it.  My husband pointed out the pallet in the window and said “we could do that with those pallets we have at home.” Every crafty/project queen’s dream to have her husband actually suggest a project…I must have trained him well!

Villa Savannah 004Villa Savannah 005

Loved the pallet art in the window.  Then inside I found a few treasures.  I must admit I wasn’t sure if they liked me taking pictures so it wasn’t until I was leaving and realized how much I liked what I saw did I start snapping…so no great pictures of the jewelry and clothes they had and furniture.  If you get to Savannah I gave you the address above to go check it out yourself.

Villa Savannah 003Villa Savannah 009

And hear is another great pallet art idea with a poster hung on it.  Then humor me here…the wreath and topiary look really familiar don’t they? 

Villa Savannah 006Villa Savannah 007Villa Savannah 008

Yes, I made my own wreath this past spring that looked just like this one and did not cost me the hefty price tag this one had. The topiaries were slightly different but, this is a great idea if you want to add to your existing ones!  Made me feel good to turn to my husband and say “I made both of these items already on my own and you should be proud of how much money I saved by making them myself!” LOL  So, I loved the store, eye candy and new pallet ideas.


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  1. Oh this is such a great store! I would love to browse it! I followed your blog! i too love the pallet art in the window! I'm going to have to go search around Oklahoma for cute stores like these! Emily @


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